Puddle Repair: Just How Important Is Getting Puddles Fixed?

a manhole | puddle repair

No matter what kind of property you have, focusing on proper puddle repair is imperative. After all, recurring puddles are inconvenient and pose a safety hazard. They may also introduce water damage to the property.   What Is Puddle Repair? Puddle repair is the act of repairing asphalt and concrete surfaces to limit the pooling […]

7 Reasons Why Driving Through Puddles Is A No-No

water splash | driving through puddles

Driving through puddles is something that most drivers have done at least once in their lives. There are even drivers who intentionally seek out puddles. This type of behavior, though, may result in unsavory consequences.   The Negative Effects of Driving Through Puddles Most people know to avoid obvious hazards on the road. While puddles […]

What’s The Impact Of Parking Lot Striping On Your Business?

wheel chair sign | parking lot striping

Parking lot striping can affect commercial establishments in more ways than one. If your parking lot has seen better days, now is the right time to invest in striping services.   What Is Parking Lot Striping? Parking lot striping is the process of painting markings and stripes on a parking lot to aid traffic flow […]

10 Benefits Of Parking Lot Sealcoating

clean parking lot | parking lot sealcoating

Parking lot sealcoating is a big part of property maintenance. Commercial property owners should invest in this service to keep their establishments looking and running smoothly.   What Is Parking Lot Sealcoating? Parking lot seal coating is applying a pavement sealer specially formulated to protect the surface. It is applied in liquid form. Once dried, […]

Why Is Sealcoating Asphalt Pavement Or Driveway Necessary?

adding sealcoat | sealcoating asphalt

Sealcoating asphalt is a necessary component of maintaining pavement. With it, driveways may last longer than they should. They may form cracks that eventually become potholes. This can be inconvenient and expensive, as asphalt can cost a lot of money to repair or replace.   What Is Asphalt Sealcoating?  Before we explain why seal coating […]

How To Remove Oil Spots From Driveways: DIY Or Call The Pros?

car oil leak | remove oil spots from driveway

Learning how to remove oil spots from driveway floors can be tough. But it’s necessary if you want to have a clean driveway around your lot. Unfortunately, oil stains on driveway floors can be stubborn and hard to get rid of. You need the right tools and techniques to do it properly.   Household Products […]

What’s The Effect Of Oil Spots On Asphalt And Pavement?

rainbow colored oil | oil spots on asphalt

There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning stubborn oil spots on asphalt surfaces. If you leave oil spots to fester, though, they can give rise to several unfavorable consequences. As such, when you see oil spots, it’s best to address them immediately.   What Causes Oil Spots on Asphalt? Have you ever wondered how oil […]

Infrared Pavement Patching: What Is It And Its Benefits

patched asphalt | infrared pavement patching

Infrared pavement patching is a common method of asphalt repair. It is widely preferred due to its ease of application, affordability, and minimal to no environmental impact. However, it’s not a permanent solution that suits all types of needs.   What Is Infrared Pavement Patching? Infrared pavement patching uses infrared heat to soften existing asphalt […]

3 Top Causes Of Potholes On Asphalt And How To Prevent Them

road full of potholes | potholes on asphalt

It is not uncommon to see potholes on asphalt surfaces. But what exactly causes potholes to form on asphalt? And is there a way to prevent them?   What Causes Potholes on Asphalt Parking Lots? Potholes are unsightly. They can give customers a bad first impression of your business. Employees can also lose their motivation […]

When And Why Do You Need Emergency Pothole Repairs?

mixing asphalt | emergency pothole repair

Emergency pothole repair is something that many businesses will need at one point or another. But, what are the benefits of this service anyway?   What Is Emergency Pothole Repair? Emergency pothole repair is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pothole repair service that companies provide on an emergency basis. Typically, an emergency […]