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Oil Spot Repair

Oil spots not only stain the appearance of an asphalt surface, but they can also support its rapid deterioration. And while you can technically repair oil spots yourself – provided you act fast – professionals are much better equipped to handle them.

Why You Need Oil Spot Repair Services

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Oil spots are a common problem that many commercial establishments have. Parking lots are particularly prone to them, as engine oil from older vehicles can spill and stain the asphalt. Other times, oil spots can be caused by cooking oil or antifreeze.


While oil spots may not seem like a big issue at first glance, they can lead to further damage. Beyond just looking unappealing, oil spots can cause irreversible damage to asphalt when left untreated. They do this by soaking into the asphalt surface, significantly weakening it in the process and making it more vulnerable to permanent damage.


In theory, you can scrub away oil spots yourself using mild detergent and hot water if the spot is less than 3 days old. But, even then, the asphalt can still break. And when that happens, it’s time to call in the professionals.

How We Can Help

Once oil pierces through the asphalt, it cannot be removed using just hot water and detergent. Oil won’t even come out from asphalt with solvents and primers. Those only provide short-term results. The best way to rectify oil spots permanently is to remove the asphalt itself.


Pothole Repair Carolinas is an oil spot repair service company that uses infrared pavement patching to efficiently and effectively remove oil spots without breaking the bank. Other companies may simply saw the portion off and replace it with fresh asphalt. However, this method is not only expensive, but you also wind up with visible seams.


Through the infrared pavement method, we can simply heat the oil spot and remove a few inches of the asphalt. We can then fill the area with fresh asphalt, making sure to give you a seamless finish.

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Looking for Oil Spot Repair in North or South Carolina?

If you’re in need of oil spot services, Pothole Repair Carolinas is your best bet. With years of experience and a team of highly qualified technicians, we can handle any job you throw at us. Throughout our service, we have learned to perfect our craft, allowing us to deliver high-quality results in an efficient manner.


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Pothole Repair Carolinas is your one-stop solution for pothole damage. We have dedicated countless years to perfecting our craft, ensuring our work makes a long-lasting impact. We guarantee high-quality results and reliable customer service every time. When it comes to repairing potholes, we are your best option.


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