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Pothole Repair in Sumter, SC

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With an estimated 43,463 residents, Sumter is the eighth-most populous city in South Carolina. The city also acts as the county seat of Sumter County. Colleges and universities located in the city include Morris College, the University of South Carolina Sumter, and Central Carolina Technical College.


Sumter is known for Swan Lake Iris Gardens. This public park is the only one in the United States that contains all known species of swans. The annual Iris Festival, which takes place every Memorial Day weekend, also takes place in the park. It also hosts a Christmas event with a gorgeous Fantasy of Lights display.


Other notable attractions in and near Sumter include the Sumter County Museum, Patriot Park, Sumter County Gallery of Art, Swan Lake, and Palmetto Park.

The Need for a Pothole Repair Service in Sumter

When a pothole forms, many business owners are tempted to just leave them alone. But, a delayed response can lead to worse and costlier problems in the future.


There are many benefits to pothole repair. For one thing, it can prevent further damage to the asphalt surface. When you leave potholes alone, water can seep through and destroy the sub-base, inflicting irreversible damage. But, addressing potholes swiftly can prevent more expensive repairs or replacements down the line.


Another benefit of pothole repair is improved curb appeal. Potholes are an eyesore, and they can turn off customers and tenants to a business. Drivers also don’t want to drive on or park in lots that have too many potholes.


Finally, pothole repair promotes safety. Potholes can cause damage to vehicles, especially larger or deeper ones. The passengers inside can also suffer injuries when driving through potholes. Apart from that, passersby may slip and fall, hurting themselves. All of this can open up a business to potential liability.

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