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Pothole Repair in South Carolina

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South Carolina has an estimated population of 5,282,634 residents, making it the 23rd-most populous state in the country. Columbia is the capital city, while Charleston is the largest in population.


South Carolina boasts many attractive qualities. It is home to several beautiful beaches and prime outdoor activities destination. Residents and visitors enjoy the state’s rich historic districts and thriving cultural attractions. There are countless performing arts venues and museums in the state and prestigious colleges and universities.


South Carolina has many roadways, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. The South Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) handles all public roads and pavements, but owners of private properties must maintain their own.


Notable points of interest include the Peace Center, the Koger Center for the Arts, the Newberry Opera House, Fort Sumter National Monument, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Broadway at the Beach, Brookgreen Gardens, and the Charleston City Market.

Why Pothole Repair Service in South Carolina Is Important

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to commercial properties. Owners should ensure their properties look clean and inviting. To accomplish this, proper maintenance and upkeep is necessary. But, one thing that often gets overlooked is the ground. These asphalt surfaces require attention, from parking lots and walkways to driveways and sidewalks.


It is often difficult to spot damage at first glance. Damage can take the form of small cracks or slopes. When left untreated, these tiny imperfections can lead to large problems. Water can gather and enter the cracks, causing water to pool and erode the sub-base. When this happens, potholes usually follow not long after.


Potholes tend to have a negative impact on properties. They are unattractive and can scare off potential tenants and customers. Additionally, they can cause pedestrians to trip and fall. Vehicle damage is also a known effect of potholes. All of these things can invite liability, which can be very costly.


Without swift South Carolina pothole repair, potholes can grow and multiply. Potholes can even cause damage to the surrounding surfaces. Over time, the asphalt surface will deteriorate and require a full replacement.

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A Reliable Pothole Repair Company in South Carolina

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