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Puddle Repair: Just How Important Is Getting Puddles Fixed?

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No matter what kind of property you have, focusing on proper puddle repair is imperative. After all, recurring puddles are inconvenient and pose a safety hazard. They may also introduce water damage to the property.


What Is Puddle Repair?

Puddle repair is the act of repairing asphalt and concrete surfaces to limit the pooling of water. Service providers do this by evening out concrete and asphalt or repairing potholes. They may also improve these surfaces to redirect water on uneven or sloped surfaces. Some may also enhance or correct drainage systems to discourage water buildup. 


What Causes Puddles?

Puddles can form for any number of reasons. The main cause is heavy rainfall or harsh weather conditions that can form temporary pools of water on roads and other surfaces. These surfaces may also be more prone to puddles when there are cracks, potholes, deformations, or depressions in the asphalt or concrete.


Often, these deformations and potholes form because of regular wear and tear. Older pavements and roads that experience traffic from people or vehicles may be especially prone to them. However, all surfaces will eventually experience them as they age.


Changes in the soil underneath may also cause potholes and deformities. Repeated cycles of freezing, thawing, and moistening can compromise structural soundness. As a result, the soil may no longer be able to support the surfaces above. 


Also, sloped walkways may make the area more prone to puddling, even without potholes or uneven surfaces. The puddling may also worsen when the drainage systems are improperly installed, clogged, or damaged.


Why Is Fixing Puddles Important?

Not everyone understands why it’s imperative to repair puddled concrete and asphalt. Why is puddle repair important for any kind of property? Here are the main reasons.


1. Aesthetic Appeal

Whether the property is commercial, potholes and puddles are only visually appealing sometimes. They can be an eyesore on many properties, making them look cheaper or run down. This decreases its aesthetic value and leaves a bad impression on customers and visitors. 


2. Preserving Concrete and Asphalt Lifespan

Even the smallest crack or problem with the drainage system can encourage puddles to form. They can introduce water damage to the asphalt or concrete when they do. This will compromise its structural integrity and make it more prone to breaking. More potholes may form over time, worsening the problem at hand.


As a result, the useful life of the concrete or asphalt pavement may be cut shorter. The property owner will then need to repair or rework these surfaces to a greater extent. They may also have to conduct these repairs sooner than expected. 


Many property owners use asphalt sealcoating to protect the lifespan of their roads and walkways. However, even proper sealcoating alone won’t help you limit water pooling. You must properly trace what’s causing these puddles first and fix them at their source. Otherwise, the sealcoating may not be as effective. 


3. Preventing Accidents

When puddles form, they’re bound to become safety hazards for those passing by. Visitors, customers, and property owners may slip and fall because of the puddles. It’s especially dangerous for pedestrians running or riding bikes, as uneven ground can cause more serious injuries.


Apart from this, potholes and other deformities can damage vehicles. This can be troublesome for property owners and their visitors. It can also cost them much money in repairs and maintenance, especially if they don’t have property insurance. 


4. Avoiding Liability

Property owners never want to be held liable for accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, liability may be unavoidable if the property owner doesn’t prioritize puddle repair. That’s because they may be sued or held accountable for the accidents on their property. This may also be true for damages to visitors’ vehicles or possessions.


5. Lowering Cost

Puddle repair can help property owners save a lot of money in the long run. That’s because they won’t have to spend money on major damages and repairs very often. They can also delay the reconstruction work that needs to be done when these surfaces eventually reach the end of their lifespan. Moreover, limiting accidents and liability through puddle repair can also save money. Property owners will need to spend less on insurance or paying for damages. 


When Should You Repair Puddles?

Puddle repair is vital to property maintenance, but when should you do this anyway? Moreover, how often should you repair puddles in parking lots, roads, and other pathways? 


The answer is whenever you see puddles remaining a few hours after rainfall. Another telltale sign is when you notice discoloration on the surface of these pavements or roads. This should not be ignored, even if the puddles that form are small. That’s because leaving the problem alone may worsen the pavement’s condition. 


In addition, It may damage the soil underneath, making the pavement less safe for passersby, residents, workers, or visitors. Mold or algae may also form. You can spot these by looking for white streaks or other stains on the surface. Likewise, they can compromise structural soundness and safety. 


Puddle Repair Methods

Service providers can use different techniques to repair puddles or prevent water from standing. Here are some of the methods they might utilize. 


1. Mill and Overlay

If the pavement has many deformities, the contractor may recommend a mill and overlay service. This method adds a layer of asphalt on the current surface. It reinforces the existing pavement and enhances curb appeal. Moreover, it can cover potholes, cracks and correct uneven surfaces.


2. Crack Sealing

A simple crack sealing job may solve the problem if there are cracks in the pavement. Professional contractors can do this to extend the life of the concrete or pavement and protect it from water damage.


3. Pothole Repair

Contractors may repair the potholes in the asphalt or concrete to prevent water pooling. They can utilize different pothole repair methods, depending on the service provider. Some may offer temporary repairs while others provide dig-out permanent repairs.  


Stay Vigilant and Protect Your Property

People often overlook the importance of puddle repair when doing property maintenance. However, it’s not something you should ignore, especially when noticing signs of water pooling or discoloration. Otherwise, you may be in for a larger repair job in the near future. 


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