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10 Benefits Of Parking Lot Sealcoating

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Parking lot sealcoating is a big part of property maintenance. Commercial property owners should invest in this service to keep their establishments looking and running smoothly.


What Is Parking Lot Sealcoating?

Parking lot seal coating is applying a pavement sealer specially formulated to protect the surface. It is applied in liquid form. Once dried, the sealer acts as a protective barrier against chemicals and natural elements.


What Are the Benefits of Sealcoating a Parking Lot?

Generally, commercial establishments should invest in parking lot sealcoating every 3 to 5 years. Yet, many property owners forgo this service or significantly delay it. When you begin to understand the importance of sealcoating, though, including it in your preventive maintenance checklist will come naturally.


Here are the top benefits of parking lot sealing.


1. Enhances Appearance

Over time, asphalt parking lots have become less appealing because of harsh weather conditions. By applying a fresh layer of sealer, you can enhance the parking lot’s appearance and make it look almost new. Not only will this boost the appeal of your parking lot, but it can also positively impact your commercial business as a whole.


2. Maintains Color

As with many things, asphalt parking lots can lose color as they age. Applying a new layer of parking lot sealer, though, can restore the color of the surface. It can reverse the visual effects of the sun and weather, turning your worn and drab parking lot into a clean and attractive one.


3. Easier to Clean

Cleaning an old and worn parking lot takes work. There are tons of cracks and potholes on the surface, resulting in a difficult cleaning process. Sealing your parking lot will make it immensely easier to clean your parking lot. It is much more convenient to sweep debris and plow snow on a smooth surface.


4. Offers Sun Protection

Unless a roof covers your parking lot, there is a good chance that it’s exposed to the sun all the time. The sun’s UV rays can significantly damage asphalt, aging it. When you seal coat a parking lot, you provide long-term protection from the sun.


5. Provides Moisture Protection

Everyone knows that water is a major cause of erosion. As such, protecting your parking lot from moisture wherever possible is imperative. Sealcoating can do just that.


Applying a fresh coat of sealer on your parking lot can prevent water from penetrating the underlying base. This will prove helpful, especially during the rainy season.


6. Prevents Damage

As mentioned in the previous point, commercial sealcoating can act as a barrier against moisture – rain, snow, or frost. This, in turn, helps prevent damage resulting from moisture penetration. When water seeps into the asphalt, the freeze/thaw cycle can cause cracks in the pavement and create voids in the base.


7. Shields From Contaminants

Water and UV rays are not the only things threatening asphalt parking lots. Chemicals such as oil and gasoline can also cause significant damage. Oil and gas that leak from vehicles can erode the asphalt, resulting in cracks and holes over time.


Parking lot sealcoating helps slow down the deterioration process brought on by these contaminants. Because it acts as a protective barrier, oil, and gasoline have a harder time penetrating the asphalt, making it more resistant to such chemicals.


8. Promotes Safety

Safety is an absolute necessity when it comes to operating and managing a commercial business. This does not only pertain to hazards that exist within the building. Parking lots, unassuming as they may seem, also present safety issues. In fact, fatal car crashes in parking lots are more common than you think.


As asphalt surfaces age, they become more unsafe because they lose traction. Vehicles driving in these worn-out parking lots are more vulnerable to skidding. Drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians face potential harm and injury as a result. Not only are you jeopardizing actual lives, but you also run the risk of liability.


When you consider how quickly the situation can escalate, it makes even more sense to invest in parking lot sealcoating. Applying a new coat of sealer can help increase skid resistance, making your commercial property much safer. 


9. Saves Money

Cost is often a deciding factor among property owners when it comes to parking lot sealcoating. Some owners mistakenly believe skipping a coat of sealer or two will help them save more money. However, the opposite is true.


Sealing your parking lot actually does not cost much. Plus, you only do it every few years, so it’s not an expense you must budget annually. 


Furthermore, when you take everything into account, sealcoating is actually very cost-effective. Since sealcoating helps protect your parking lot and prevents damage, it can save you money on costly repairs.


10. Extends Lifespan

Sealing your parking lot boosts its visual appeal, maintains its color, promotes safety, and makes cleaning easier. It also prevents damage by offering protection against sun exposure, moisture, and contaminants. When done properly and regularly, sealcoating can prolong the lifespan of your parking lot. This can help delay the need for a full replacement by as much as 20 to 30 years.


Work to Preserve Property Value

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As you can see, parking lot sealcoating has many advantages. Commercial property owners should consider these advantages when examining their maintenance schedule and needs. Parking lot sealing does not need to be a yearly task. You can still benefit from it and preserve property value even when done every few years.