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Located in Iredell County, Mooresville has an estimated population of 50,193 residents. Nicknamed “Race City USA,” this town is known as the home of many NASCAR racing drivers and teams. It also boasts suppliers of racing technology as well as Universal Technical Institute’s NASCAR Technical Institute.


Additionally, Mooresville is also home to a handful of historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These are the Mooresville Historic District, South Broad Street Row, and the Mooresville Mill Village Historic District.


Other notable attractions in and near the town include Lazy 5 Ranch, Lake Norman State Park, Carrigan Farms, Zootastic Park, and the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

Why You Need a Pothole Repair Service in Mooresville

Mooresville is home to several commercial properties. These commercial properties continuously strive to maintain a good reputation, which requires paying close attention to exterior cleanliness and maintenance. This involves keeping parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and walkways clear and smooth.


Pothole repair is essential to commercial properties for a variety of reasons. Although potholes can start out as tiny cracks on the surface, they can expand and multiply due to neglect, high traffic, and weather conditions.


Potholes, whatever size they may be, can have a detrimental effect on businesses. They can damage vehicles and injure passengers, not to mention cause pedestrians to slip and fall. All of these can open the business to potential liability.


Additionally, potholes are displeasing to the eyes. THey can drive away customers and cause tenants to vacate. They can also be quite expensive to repair when allowed to worsen over time.

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Pothole Repair Carolinas is the premier pothole repair company in Mooresville and the surrounding areas. We have spent years working in the industry, perfecting our pothole repair techniques and procedures. If your business wants to minimize disruptions to operations, we can come in during closing hours and be gone by morning.


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