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Situated in Mecklenburg County, Matthews has an estimated population of 29,435 residents. It is a small town with only a few schools and an economy that primarily relies on nearby cities.


In terms of sports, Matthews boasts Stumptown Athletic, a professional soccer club. Stumptown Athletic, which plays in the National Independent Soccer Association, calls the Sportsplex at Matthews home.


Notable attractions in and near Matthews include Squirrel Lake Park, Stumptown Park, the Matthews Heritage Museum, McAlpine Creek Park, Idlewild Road Park, Four Mile Creek Greenway, Windsor Park, Purser-Hulsey Park, and Big Air Trampoline Park.

The Advantages of a Pothole Repair Service in Matthews

Every commercial property wishes to put its best foot forward. This means maintaining the exterior of the building. Something that property owners neglect, though, is the ground. Parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways – all of these can suffer from potholes.


Potholes typically start out as tiny cracks on the asphalt surface. When water pools and seeps into the cracks, it can destroy the sub-base and turn the cracks into large holes. When left unchecked, these potholes can expand and multiply uncontrollably.


Potholes are detrimental to businesses for many reasons. They are an eyesore and can scare off potential customers and tenants. They can also make the business vulnerable to legal liability. After all, potholes can cause damage to vehicles, injury to passengers, and accidents to pedestrians.


Beyond that, potholes can quickly cause the asphalt surface to deteriorate. Before long, replacement, which can be costly, will be necessary.

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