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High Point has an estimated population of 114,059 residents. While a majority of the city sits in Guilford County, it also extends to Davidson County, Randolph County, and Forsyth County.


High Point is known for its abundance of historic places. These include the John H. Adams House, the Eli Moore House, the John Haley House, Sherrod Park, the Oakwood Historic District, Kilby Hotel, Model Farm, the Spurgeon House, and the West High Street Historic District. It is also home to High Point University.


Other notable attractions in the city include the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library, High Point City Lake Park, High Point Community Theatre, the Museum of Old Domestic Life, the Piedmont Environmental Center, the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum, Truist Point, and Sechrest Gallery.

The Advantages of a Pothole Repair Service in High Point

There are many commercial establishments in High Point. These establishments constantly work to preserve a good reputation, which involves keeping exteriors clean and well-maintained. When it comes to asphalt parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways, though, a lot of business owners fall behind on repairs.


Pothole repair is important for many reasons. While potholes can begin as small cracks in the asphalt surface, they can grow and multiply thanks to neglect, weather conditions, and increased traffic. 


Potholes, no matter the size, have a huge impact on businesses. They can cause damage to vehicles and injury to passengers. Customers who walk over potholes can also slip and fall, putting the business at risk of lawsuits. Plus, potholes drive down curb appeal.


In addition to these things, potholes can also be very expensive. They can speed up the deterioration process of asphalt and the surrounding pavement. Eventually, the surface will need to be replaced altogether.

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