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Pothole Repair in Goose Creek, SC

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Located in Berkeley County, Goose Creek has an estimated population of 45,946 residents. Boasting a rich history, the city dates back to the 1670s. Today, the United States Armed Forces maintains a strong presence in Goose Creek.


Goose Creek is a great place to call home. The city offers relatively safe neighborhoods, great public schools, and a moderate cost of living. There are also many housing options and job opportunities in the area. Additionally, residents enjoy a decent nightlife scene, many outdoor activities, and fair weather.


Notable points of interest in and near Goose Creek include the Otranto Plantation Indigo Vats, St. James Church, Cypress Gardens, the North Charleston Wannamaker County Park, and Gahagan Park.

The Need for a Pothole Repair Service in Goose Creek

All commercial properties need to put their best foot forward to gain customers and tenants. This usually involves keeping the building’s exterior well-maintained, including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways – especially those made out of asphalt.


Asphalt surfaces are not immune to damage. In fact, due to the elements and a high volume of traffic, these surfaces are prone to potholes. Potholes can start as tiny cracks that business owners don’t even notice at first glance. But, when water pools and gets into the sub-base, the cracks can turn into large holes.


Potholes are bad for business not only because they can turn people off to the place but also because of the legal implications they can have. When vehicles drive through potholes, they can sustain damage, and passengers can become injured. Passersby can also slip on the potholes and hurt themselves.


Additionally, potholes can cause long-term damage to the asphalt surface. When left unchecked, these potholes can grow in size and even multiply. Commercial property owners will then need to pay for costly repairs or replacements.

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Looking for a Reliable Pothole Repair Company in Goose Creek?

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