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Pothole Repair in Florence, SC

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Florence has an estimated population of 39,899 residents. The city serves as the county seat of Florence County. It is home to Francis Marion University and Florence–Darlington Technical College.


Florence is a wonderful place to live. The city boasts good public schools, several outdoor spaces, and excellent weather. Residents also enjoy a moderate cost of living, a very diverse community of people, and a vibrant nightlife scene.


Notable attractions in and near Florence include the Florence County Museum, the War Between the States Museum, Florence Veterans Park, the Columns Plantation Home, Florence National Cemetery, Ebenezer Park, McLeod Park, Timrod Park, and the Florence Stockade Visitor Center.

Why a Pothole Repair Service in Florence Is Necessary

One of the goals of every commercial property is to leave a good first impression on tenants and customers. This often involves exterior maintenance and cleanliness. But, a lot of property owners forget to pay close attention to asphalt surfaces, particularly those found in parking lots, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks.


Asphalt surfaces are prone to damage, too. With increased traffic and harsh weather conditions, small cracks can turn into large, gaping potholes. When water is left to gather inside the cracks, the sub-base can erode and leave potholes everywhere.


Potholes are not only displeasing to look at, but they can also put businesses at risk of lawsuits. Vehicles that drive over potholes can sustain damage, whereas the passengers inside can suffer from injury. Even just those who walk over potholes can slip and hurt themselves.


Apart from that, potholes can be expensive to repair when left unchecked for a long time. They can cause rapid deterioration of the asphalt surface as well as the surrounding pavement. Eventually, they will become too large to repair, requiring a full – not to mention, costly – replacement.

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