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When And Why Do You Need Emergency Pothole Repairs?

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Emergency pothole repair is something that many businesses will need at one point or another. But, what are the benefits of this service anyway?


What Is Emergency Pothole Repair?

Emergency pothole repair is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pothole repair service that companies provide on an emergency basis. Typically, an emergency pothole repair service is completed in 24 hours or less. Many companies also operate on call, which means property owners can reach out to them at any time of the day or night.


Why Do You Need Emergency Pothole Repair Services?

A lot of people don’t realize that potholes carry grave consequences, especially when left in disrepair for a long time. If you discover a pothole on your property, it is important to address it as soon as possible.


Here are the benefits of emergency pothole repair services.


1. Avoid Vehicle Damage

If you have ever driven your car over a pothole, you know just how damaging it can be. Deep potholes, in particular, can cause a ton of vehicle damage. In fact, in 2021 alone, potholes accounted for $26.5 billion in related vehicle repairs.


Many business establishments have parking lots. And, due to heavy traffic, these parking lots can experience a lot of premature wear and tear. Eventually, potholes will start to form. And, as you may know, potholes can quickly expand and even multiply.


Left unchecked, these potholes can cause damage to visitors’ cars. This will not only aggravate drivers but can also pull your business into a legal battle. Plus, it might affect your bottom line, as customers are less willing to visit a business that doesn’t prioritize maintenance.


2. Promote Safety

Vehicles aren’t the only things in danger when it comes to potholes. The drivers themselves, as well as the passengers, can suffer from injuries when cars drive over potholes. They can hit their heads on car ceilings or bump their shoulders on the sides.


Potholes can also pose a threat to pedestrians. People walking by can trip over a pothole and hurt themselves if they don’t see it from afar. All of this can lead to lawsuits. Therefore, potholes make your business more vulnerable to liability.


3. Cut Down on Repair Costs

Contrary to popular belief, repairing a pothole is actually fairly affordable, especially if you address it early on. When left to worsen, potholes can allow moisture to penetrate and erode the sub-base. This can lead to deep cracks forming. Furthermore, potholes can grow when you fail to repair them.


Large or deep potholes are infinitely more difficult – and expensive – to repair. Thus, if you want to save on costs, it is important to repair a pothole at the first sign of it. Unfortunately, potholes can form at the worst possible time. In some cases, you might not even be able to book a repair service due to a full schedule. Hence, an emergency repair service is necessary.


4. Minimize Business Interruption

To business owners, keeping operations running smoothly and without interruption is the most important consideration. After all, where are customers going to park if you close down the parking lot for a repair in the middle of the work day? How are you going to complete deliveries if you halt warehouse operations?


The beauty of 24-hour emergency pothole repair services is that they’re available at any time. They can come in at your convenience and repair the pothole with great results. To avoid disruption to your business and customers, you can schedule the repairs during off or closing hours.


5. Maintain Appeal

Potholes are an eyesore – there’s no way around it. A single pothole can compromise the appeal of an entire building. So, don’t be surprised if customers start visiting your competitor instead. Employees might also feel less motivated to work in a poorly maintained environment.


Additionally, potholes can have a negative impact on property values. Curb appeal is directly related to the value of a property, so protecting your investment means getting repairs done as soon as possible. If you want to maintain the appearance of your property, emergency pothole repair is a must.


When Do You Need Emergency Pothole Repair?

Ideally, you would call an emergency pothole repair company the moment you notice a pothole forming. Catching a pothole in its early stages will allow you to address a problem before it worsens. It also lets you save a substantial amount of money because a small problem is much cheaper to repair than a bigger one.


Of course, it’s never too late to seek emergency repair services. If you already have a sizable pothole or many potholes on your property, emergency repairs can also come in handy. The sooner you repair the potholes, the more time and money you will save in the end.


Find a Good Contractor

Businesses should make an effort to find a reliable contractor who can provide emergency pothole repair services. By partnering with a company, you can always be a priority.