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Pothole Repair in Charleston, SC

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With an estimated 150,227 residents, Charleston is the largest city by population in South Carolina. It also functions as the county seat of Charleston County.


Charleston is famous for its vibrant history as well as its thriving arts and culture scene. Several annual events take place in this city, including the Spoleto Festival USA, the Festival of Houses and Gardens and Charleston Antiques Show, the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, the Charleston Food and Wine Festival, and the Cooper River Bridge Run.


The city is also home to a number of museums, theaters, and other attractions. These include the Dock Street Theatre, Sottile Theater, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Calhoun Mansion, the Charleston Museum, and the Gibbes Museum of Art. Beyond that, Charleston boasts good public schools, plenty of outdoor activities, and an incredibly diverse population.


Other points of interest include Fort Sumter National Monument, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Rainbow Row, the Charleston City Market, the South Carolina Aquarium, and Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens.

The Importance of a Pothole Repair Service in Charleston

Every commercial property wants to make a good first impression. That means making sure the building’s exterior is welcoming and spotless. One thing that usually gets neglected, though, is the ground. Whether they’re parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, or driveways, asphalt surfaces need care, too.


Damage can begin small. Tiny cracks form on the ground’s surface, barely noticeable to passersby or even management. When left unaddressed, water can gather in the cracks and erode the sub-base. And, over time, these cracks can expand and become large holes in the ground.


Potholes are not pleasing to the eye – they can drive away potential customers and tenants. But, apart from a visual perspective, potholes can also pose damage to vehicles and injury to people. These things can make the business and its owner open to lawsuits.


Aside from that, potholes encourage the rapid deterioration of the asphalt surface and the surrounding pavement. This will eventually require full replacement, which can be costly.

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The Best Pothole Repair Company in Charleston

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